Re-opening Safety Protocols


Arrivals & Appointment Protocols:

  • Any patients experiencing any symptoms of illness are asked to please reschedule their appointment and stay home until they are feeling better. Please do not come into the clinic if you are feeling unwell.
  • All patients will have their temperature taken with a touch-less thermometer by their therapist prior to treatment. Anyone showing signs of a fever will be ask to return home, self-isolate and notify their physician.
  • Please note that we will wait a few minutes after arrival to take temperatures to allow for people to “cool down,” as we recognize that we are entering the warmer summer months.
  • All patients must wear their own masks at all times – neither the building nor our office will admit entrance to people who are not wearing a mask, no exceptions.
  • We ask that – if at all possible – you refrain from bringing a spouse or aide with you to your appointment. If you are unable to get to the clinic independently, please let us know in advance so we can discuss with you the safest way to proceed
  • All appointments will be limited to one hour (60 minutes). Each therapist will see one patient at a time so there will never be more than two patients in the clinic at one time. Please do your best to be promptly on time so we can adhere to this. Out of respect for everyone we will strictly enforce this policy, which means if you arrive late, your session will need to be cut short to stick to the schedule and ensure safe numbers in our clinic at all times.
  • We ask that you bring your own water for your appointment, as we will not be allowing use of our communal water dispenser.


  • We will not be sharing Thera bands, for any patients who require use as part of their treatment. Instead, we will provide individual Thera bands, which will be labeled and kept in individual containers at the clinic.
  • All pillows have been replaced with vinyl bolsters, which can be effectively disinfected between each use.
  • All massage lotion will now come from a pump dispenser (as opposed to an open container).
  • Only two of our four private treatment rooms will be occupied at any one time.
  • All rooms and equipment will be disinfected after each use.
  • Building staff will clean and disinfect the office again each night.
  • We will keep our windows open and we are in the process of installing an exhaust fan to increase outside airflow.
  • Our air conditioning unit services our clinic only and is not shared with any other part of the building. Filters will be changed on a regular basis.


  • For the time being, our office manager, Sabrina, will work remotely to limit the number of people in our clinic at one time. All patient inquiries and scheduling will be routed to her while we are treating patients.
  • Both therapists will check their own temperature periodically throughout the day. If either show signs of a fever, they will cancel appointments, return home, self-isolate and notify their physician.
  • Therapists will wear a mask and gloves at all times (changing gloves for each patient).
  • Therapists will change into a fresh set of hospital scrubs upon arrival.
  • Therapists will practice universal health precautions in accordance with CDC guidance.

Handling resurgence:

  •  In the event that a patient becomes ill unexpectedly while in the clinic, we will isolate them in a private treatment room and call for first responders.
  • We will then cancel the remaining appointments for the day and close the office so that appropriate cleaning and disinfection can take place, only allowing appointments to resume after that has been complete.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 after having visited the clinic for an appointment, please alert us so that we evaluate if we need to alert other patients you may have come into contact with (while always protecting patient privacy, of course).
  • We will continue to follow the guidance of government and public health officials to prioritize the health and safety of our patient population at all times


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