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Arthritis affects more than 50 million American adults, often with symptoms that can be debilitating. But orthopedic physical therapists Billy Reilly, MS, PT, and Paul LaRosa, MS, PT, at Empire Physical Therapy & Athletic Rehabilitation, PC on the East Side of Manhattan in New York City can provide relief from your most frustrating arthritis symptoms. They specialize in helping patients of all ages recover from injuries or manage chronic conditions. If you’re struggling to cope with arthritis pain or joint stiffness, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Arthritis Q & A

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is the inflammation of one or more of the joints in your body. Many people develop arthritis in their hands, wrists, knees, shoulders, and elbows. You may also develop arthritis in your spine, which can cause pain in your neck and back.

There are over 100 different forms of arthritis, but the most common type is known as osteoarthritis. It causes the cartilage in your joints to wear away over time. Risk factors for osteoarthritis include:

  • Family history of arthritis
  • Joint injury
  • Joint infection
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Obesity

You're more likely to develop arthritis as you get older. Even if you don’t have any of the other risk factors, regular wear and tear on your joints can eventually lead to osteoarthritis.

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

The most common arthritis symptoms include joint pain, stiffness, or swelling. In some cases, the skin around your joints may also look red and inflamed.

Arthritis can make it difficult to perform everyday activities, such as going up stairs or standing for long periods of time. You may also have difficulty extending your joints or lifting heavy objects. Arthritis can also make it hard to participate in sports or stay physically active.

How is arthritis treated?

Your arthritis treatment plan will depend on what type of arthritis you have and which joints are affected. Some people with arthritis take prescription medications to relieve pain or reduce joint swelling. Surgery may also be necessary if there is significant damage to your joints.

Physical therapy from the experienced team at Empire Physical Therapy & Athletic Rehabilitation, PC can also provide relief from painful arthritis symptoms. If you can’t take prescription pain medications or choose to avoid these medications because of their side effects, physical therapy offers an excellent option for drug-free pain relief.

How can physical therapy help with arthritis?

If you're struggling with painful arthritis symptoms, you might avoid physical activity because you’re afraid of injuring your joints further. But limiting your physical activity can actually lead to decreased mobility and increased joint stiffness that causes your symptoms to become worse over time.

The team at Empire PT can help. Your physical therapist will evaluate your current condition and develop a personalized treatment plan to strengthen your muscles and increase joint mobility. Physical therapy can also improve your flexibility and help you feel steadier on your feet.

Arthritis may be painful, but physical therapy can provide the relief you’re looking for. To learn more, call Empire Physical Therapy & Athletic Rehabilitation, PC in Manhattan or book an appointment online today.