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While rotator cuff injuries are one of the most common causes of shoulder pain, Billy Reilly, MS, PT, and Paul LaRosa, MS, PT, at Empire Physical Therapy & Athletic Rehabilitation, PC on the East Side of Manhattan in New York City offer hands-on therapy that provides relief from painful symptoms. Physical therapy can help improve your range of motion and preserve your joint health. If you’re recovering from rotator cuff surgery, physical therapy also plays a crucial role in helping you regain joint function. To learn more, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Rotator Cuff Q & A

What is a rotator cuff injury?

Your rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons in your shoulder. It keeps your arm securely in your shoulder socket and allows your shoulder to move freely. Any inflammation to this area can make it difficult to move your shoulder.

Injuries to the tendons in your rotator cuff are one of the most common causes of shoulder pain and stiffness. As you age, your tendons may become more worn or prone to tears. Any repetitive motion can also cause your tendons to weaken and tear, which is a common problem tennis players face, for example.

What are the symptoms of a rotator cuff injury?

Your symptoms may depend on which part of the rotator cuff is affected, and what underlying injury or illness is causing the issue. Rotator cuff tears often develop when part of the tendon become damaged due to an injury or repetitive motion.

Common symptoms of rotator cuff problems can include:

  • Dull or aching pain in your shoulder
  • Limited range of motion
  • Difficulty raising your arm
  • Weakness in your arm or shoulder

If your pain is severe or ongoing, you may find it hard to perform your usual daily activities. Rotator cuff issues can make it difficult to raise your arm over your head, so you may have trouble with activities like brushing your hair or reaching up into a cabinet.

How are rotator cuff injuries treated?

If you're diagnosed with a rotator cuff issue, your doctor may recommend medication to help reduce swelling or inflammation in your shoulder. If you've suffered a serious tear or injury, your doctor might also suggest surgery to repair the damage.

Physical therapy from the experienced team at Empire Physical Therapy & Athletic Rehabilitation, PC can play a key role in addressing rotator cuff problems. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy alone or in combination with other treatments.

How can physical therapy help with a rotator cuff injury?

Physical therapy can be a crucial part of recovering from surgery. If your doctor recommends surgery to fix a torn rotator cuff, physical therapy may be needed to help you rebuild your strength and regain healthy joint function after your surgical procedure.

But physical therapy isn’t just for post-surgery recovery. The physical therapists at Empire Physical Therapy & Athletic Rehabilitation, PC can help patients of all ages strengthen muscles, improve balance, and increase flexibility and joint function.

At Empire PT, you can receive top-quality physical therapy to improve your joint function. Call the Manhattan office or use online booking to schedule your visit today.