Percussion Massage Devices (Hypervolt)


The physical therapy team at Empire Physical Therapy & Athletic Rehabilitation, PC, in New York City understand how important a fast, efficient recovery is for good muscle health after strenuous exercise. Experienced physical therapists, Billy Reilly, MS, PT, and Paul LaRosa, MS, PT, are skilled in delivering highly efficient massages using percussion massage devices like Hypervolt Plus to boost blood circulation and promote muscle tissue healing from the inside out. Learn how massages with percussion massage devices can improve your recovery by calling the office today or by requesting an appointment online now.





Percussion Massage Devices (Hypervolt) Q & A

What are percussion massage devices?

Percussion massage devices are handheld electric massagers that can alleviate muscle soreness and improve blood circulation in your body. Rather than normal rolling motions, the percussion massage devices deliver a therapeutic massage using a hammer technique. This method involves rapid pulses of pressure and vibrations that increase blood flow while relaxing the muscles.

Physical therapists Billy Reilly and Paul LaRosa offer in-office massage services using the Hypervolt Plus system by Hyperice®.

What are the benefits of percussion massage devices?

Using the Hypervolt Plus system, you can achieve a better outcome following your massage. The percussion technique offers many benefits over traditional rolling massage technologies. In addition to increasing your overall blood circulation, the treatment allows more nutrients and oxygen into the muscle tissue.

At the same time, the treatment makes the process of releasing toxins more effective. As nutrients move in, the toxins move out to boost your muscle function and health.

Additionally, by delivering more oxygen into the muscle, you enjoy more efficiency in your body’s natural healing process. Percussion massages stimulate your body to repair damaged tissue internally.

By healing tissue, percussion massages help to increase muscle function while reducing pain. This treatment also offers benefits like:

  • Renewed flexibility
  • Improved performance
  • Increased range of motion

Regular percussion massages can also alleviate persistent muscle aches and pain that may interfere with your physical activity, workouts, and training.

Am I a good candidate for treatment with percussion massage devices?

When you want to improve muscle function and health, percussion massage devices can be a vital part of your training.

Physical therapists, Paul LaRosa and Billy Reilly, can review your goals and your muscle condition to determine if percussion massages are right for you. They may also recommend routine percussion massages if you’re looking for faster muscle recovery after strenuous exercises as part of your training regimen, whether you participate in sports on an amateur or professional level.

Percussion massage therapy may also be right for you if you’re looking for solutions to reduce your risk for injuries due to a heavy training schedule or frequent strenuous activities. By increasing blood flow and strengthening muscle health, you can minimize your risk for frequent muscle strains, sprains, and tears.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of therapeutic massage with percussion massage devices like Hypervolt, call Empire Physical Therapy & Athletic Rehabilitation, PC, today or request a consultation online now.



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