Choosing Percussion Massage Devices To Increase Your Range of Motion

Choosing Percussion Massage Devices To Increase Your Range of Motion

Efficient blood circulation is an absolute requirement for your good health, since your blood delivers essential oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, and then carries carbon dioxide and waste away from them.

When you sustain an injury or have workout-related pain, your circulation can become compromised, and pain and inflammation can develop that gets in the way of working out. 

Fortunately, a skilled physical therapist has an array of treatments at their fingertips to promote healing by boosting your circulation and reducing inflammation. One progressive treatment is known as percussion massage.

Billy Reilly, MS, PT, and Paul LaRosa, MS, PT, lead our caring physical therapy team at Empire Physical Therapy and Athletic Rehabilitation. Their goal is to heal you from the inside out by reducing your pain and restoring your mobility. 

Their reputation is unmatched because they aren’t only experienced and knowledgeable, but they provide care with warmth and truly get to know you. In fact, once you begin a relationship with one of our PTs, that’s who you see each time you visit. 

What is percussion massage and when is it appropriate?

With percussion massage, we use an electrically powered massage gun, rather than massaging your tissue manually or with tools that create rolling movements. The percussion device does its work by making hammer movements, which are generally more forceful than hands-on massage.

The speedily delivered pressure pulses and vibrations, when applied to your area of pain, do an excellent job of aiding and optimizing your circulation and mitigating swelling. We favor the Hypervolt Plus percussion massage system by Hyperice.

Our patients respond so well to Hypervolt Plus, because of the advantages it offers in addition to circulatory and inflammation-easing benefits. These include maximizing moving nutrients to your muscles and toxins away from them so they become markedly stronger and healthier. 

This method also allows for more powerful healing and promotes your body’s own restorative capabilities to repair tissue damage and reduce pain.

When we use the Hypervolt Plus massage gun, it also works to relax your muscles and break up scar tissue. 

Percussion massage and your range of motion

We talk a lot about pain and swelling when we discuss training-related injuries, but the pain also leads to a result that’s soul-crushing for anyone who loves playing sports and doing any sort of physical training: loss of your normal range of motion. 

With Hypervolt Plus percussion massage, you notice other important benefits, from greater range of motion to increased flexibility. 

In an Austrian study at the Institute of Human Movement Science, researchers found that participants’ calf range of motion increased measurably after a mere five minutes of percussion massage treatment.

All these benefits translate to even better functioning of and performance by your body. 

Imagine training and working out without dreading the pain and achiness you’ve grown used to. 

The promise of percussion massage

Another reason we love percussion massage is that it can lower your risk for injury if you’re training often or particularly vigorously. 

The massage keeps your blood flow at a healthy level, improves muscle health, and helps you avoid painful muscle tears, strains, and sprains — all of which can bench you for way too long. 

Some of our patients receive percussion massage treatments regularly if they routinely train hard, whether for their own health or on a competitive or professional level. 

Don’t wait to schedule a consultation about percussion massage in our convenient and well-outfitted New York City office in Manhattan’s Midtown East. Call us at 607-602-1330 or request an appointment online. We look forward to discussing and showing you the benefits of percussion massage.

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