Train With NormaTecⓇ Compression Boots

Train With NormaTecⓇ Compression Boots

You might have played too hard — weekend warrior style — and sustained a muscle injury in your legs, or you may just be looking for something to help you realize your leg strengthening goals. 

Despite the difference between these two goals, there’s one solution that’s helpful in either instance: NormaTecⓇ compression boots

At Empire Physical Therapy and Athletic Rehabilitation in New York City, our caring and competent physical therapists, Billy Reilly, MS, and Paul LaRosa, MS, offer a full range of advanced treatments that address our patients’ pain and optimize their physical performance. 

We’re also dedicated to creating a treatment plan that’s customized to your needs and goals.

How do NormaTec compression boots work? 

The science and innovation behind NormaTec compression boots is impressive, which is why we adopted the treatment for our patients. 

We use the NormaTec Leg Recovery System, which is a high-tech platform that improves and increases the blood flow and circulation in your legs to ease training-related muscle fatigue and stubborn pain. 

First, it’s good to learn a bit about the physiological changes that happen when you exercise. 

Your body produces metabolic waste all the time, whether you’re engaged in physical activity or not. The waste circulates throughout your blood, but compression boots help rid your body of toxins. 

Since your legs are underneath your heart, they’re at a disadvantage and have a harder time moving the waste from your legs to your lymphatic system so it can be flushed out of your body. 

NormaTec compression boot treatment boosts blood flow, causing waste to be circulated more quickly so it can exit your body, and you can recover faster. 

In fact, a 2018 study asserted that compression boot treatment had the potential to not only hasten your recovery from vigorous exercise, but enhance your athletic performance.  

The technology behind the NormaTec compression boots — called PULSE 2.0 — is revolutionary because it uses comfortable compression and gentle massage to improve blood circulation throughout your legs. 

This, in turn, means that your muscles get all the oxygen and nutrients they need in order to heal and become stronger. 

What is a compression boot treatment session like?

It couldn’t be simpler or more comfortable. We carefully wrap fabric attachments around your legs. The wraps are connected to the NormaTec automated control unit. 

We place the attachments right under your hips and cover your entire leg, down to your feet. 

Compressed air fuels the massage of your legs so your blood circulation is noticeably enhanced, causing you to bounce back more resiliently from your training routine or workout, or if you’ve been injured, to recover more quickly from that.

We can also personalize the treatment to target your unique needs, since the platform offers pressure settings we can set specifically. 

What issues can compression boot treatment help?

We’re not only happy with the relief and recovery NormaTec compression boots bring to our patients. We like this treatment for its versatility. NormaTec compression boots can:

When you use NormaTec compression boots before your workout, you lower your chances of injury, discomfort, and significant muscle fatigue after exercise. 

Contact our conveniently located Midtown East office in Manhattan and schedule an appointment to see if NormaTec compression boots could meet your needs.

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