When to Consider Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain

When to Consider Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain

It’s not an exaggeration to say that back pain is a massive problem in the United States. It accounts for many days of missed work and is the leading cause of disability worldwide

In fact, one study found that 1 in 4 workers deals with back pain, while up to 10% have had to alter their activities at work, change jobs, or stop working entirely as a result of it. 

Fortunately, physical therapy can play a key role in recovery from back pain, and Empire Physical Therapy and Athletic Rehabilitation is where back pain sufferers can find relief and return to an active life. 

Our physical therapists, Billy Reilly, MS, PT, and Paul LaRosa, MS, PT  employ diverse, innovative treatments that they customize to each patient’s individual needs, and they do so with sensitivity.

The toll of back pain

Though no type of back pain is easy to withstand, lower back pain is more common than middle or upper back pain, and it’s potential causes include:

The type of pain you experience may vary, but none of it is anything you want to live with for an extended period. You might experience sharp, shooting lower back pain, a dull and persistent ache, or pain that extends beyond your back to your legs.

Depending on the specific cause of your back pain, you might also suffer with a pins-and-needles feeling, numbness, and cramps.

It’s hard to quantify the physical and mental toll of chronic back pain, but it certainly lowers your quality of life, limits your movement and ability to perform everyday activities, and has been linked to depression

Physical therapy is an effective treatment for lower back pain

At Empire Physical Therapy, we can help relieve your lower back pain and get you back on track to living life as you did before — pain-free and with restored energy and mobility.

Our team combines passive and active approaches to your treatment, though we use active treatments more frequently. 

Passive approaches include:

E-stim, or electrophysiological stimulation, can lower inflammation, can increase your circulation, and may prevent pain by blocking nerve transmission at your spinal cord.  

Active treatments include:

We work to restore your strength, comfort, and ease of movement — all of which are crucial to enjoying the activities you’re used to doing, including routine everyday tasks.

We can also talk to you about back pain prevention strategies, which include maintaining a normal weight, keeping active, and learning how to lift properly. And if you smoke, reducing your risk for back pain is just one more reason to quit. 

Reach out to us by calling our conveniently located New York City office at 607-602-1330 to schedule an appointment. Our office is in the Midtown East section of Manhattan, and we offer early morning and evening appointments for your convenience.

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